Rinse Food in Pure Water

A salad spinner works great for washing greens. I have a wonderful water purifier (see my Pure Water section of this site) that’s so inexpensive to use, it makes no sense to wash any food in chlorine-smelling city water. If you don’t have access to enough pure water to wash your veggies, then I suggest you at least do a final rinse with the best water you drink. Put as many veggies in the bowl of your salad spinner as you can effectively wash in one go. Split into multiple ‘wash cycles’ if it’s too much to wash all at once. Yes I could use the sink, but I’d still end up rinsing in pure water anyway. I fill the spinner bowl with enough water where, when I tilt it over the sink it’s deep enough to toss, tumble and agitate. Here’s pics of me washing mixed greens:


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