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My first real frustration with button cuffs came when my girl would wear one of my dress shirts and leave the sleeves buttoned. Her small hands slip right through. No need for her to muck about with cuffs or buttons. Can’t say I blame her, but in the morning, hurriedly dressing for work, I throw on a shirt thinking “It’s money!” but my hands are stopped cold at the cuff!


I felt like Lost In Space’s Robot, arms waving spastically about, cuffy stumps where my hands ought to be. This happened as far back as Y2K. I didn’t come up with the idea for SoftLinks then, but certainly the hassle of undoing/doing the buttons like that stuck in my mind.

So Fast-Forward to now, and an uncounted number of hours later spent on product development

(and OH GOD!!, the patent! Uhhhhhhh!! Try dealing with the USPTO!! They are a bunch of sweethearts over there but the process just ISN’T EASY, SORRY. UHHHHH!!!)

and Voila! – SoftLinks. Good for cuffs, pants, shirts – anywhere you want just a little more room betwixt the button and the hole.

  • Washing dishes? Push up your cuffs in 2 seconds. Hey guess what, they STAY UP. Very cool for the loo as well.
  • Like to wear big watches and chains? Shirts go on and off right over your jewelry. No need to muck about with cuff buttons anymore.
  • Playing guitar with long sleeves? Push up your sleeve to keep it out of the way.

Most of my dress, work and flannel shirts are all fitted with SoftLinks. I truly get a little bummed if I pick out a shirt that doesn’t have its own SoftLinks already attached.

They stay on thru wash and dry cycles. Once I put them on a shirt I never take them off.

Still trying to come up with an ultimate slogan – SoftLinks – Make Room! or Room for Improvement, or SoftLinks – Give Yourself Some Slack!  How about SoftLinks, “Stop playing with your hole.” Ha.  We’ll see.

Currently SoftLinks are selling for $13/2 pair. Plus shipping, about $1 dollar more. If you’re interested drop me a line in the contact section of this site.



For winter shirts and work shirts with huge buttons you would use stretch links…