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I have great respect for our local township engineers and water processing plant employees who are continually striving to make our public water supplies potable and safe. They are definitely doing their best. But I stand firm on my thoughts that, if you drink tap water regularly, you are taking a huge risk. I won’t even water my plants with it. Bottled water? You don’t know what you’re getting with most brands. It’s a crap shoot in my opinion, and of course the plastic that has poisoned our Earth is ghastly. Get yourself a good filter for drinking. A whole-house filter is not the answer. It’s much better for you to get something for drinking and cooking, that truly PURIFIES your water but ideally leaves some MINERALS in. KDF shower filters are also a smart choice for reducing or eliminating the chlorine we absorb from showering.

From 2017 until the end of 2022 I was a dealer for a line of the world’s most effective , celebrated and SIMPLE gravity water purifiers, made in Texas, USA.  (In 2023 the manufacturer, NMCL, changed their requirements for dealership, mandating  a minimum purchase of $5,000 inventory per year.  So it is no longer feasible for  me to remain a dealer.)  You pour your city water in the top… it drips into the bottom through the purifying filter elements. That’s it. (VIDEO HERE) You get A LOT of water, WITH MINERALS, and you get it pretty fast. Within a few hours I have almost 3 gallons of ultra-purified mineral water. I don’t have to wait FOREVER for a few small sips of water, like some of the pricey and SLOW units I’ve seen out there. (VIDEO OF DRIP RATE, APPROX. 2.5gal/hour)

Ironically it is also the least expensive (You don’t hear that every day!) producing approximately 4,000 gallons of pure water for as little as $0.08 gallon. Yes, that’s EIGHT CENTS a gallon!* (Please see footnote @ bottom of page)  The filter elements last as long it takes for you & your family to use between 3,000 – 4,000 gallons. For me, that’s around 3+ years. What a value!! I sell LOCAL to the people in my surrounding townships. I deliver the units fully prepped, assembled and ready to go. I don’t ship gravity water purifiers. I  provide free ongoing support, including info and How-To documents complete w/step-by-step instructions and illustrations/pictures.  Some very important distinctions between the gravity purifier and other systems:

  • It is NOT expensive
  • It is extremely simple to use
  • It is NOT simply a “filter”, it is rated as a purifier that removes contaminants (many to UNDETECTABLE levels) and far exceeds NSF/ANSI standard 53/42
  • It does NOT strip beneficial minerals from the water!!!
  • It is NOT a reverse-osmosis system or a distiller; requires no water pressure, electricity or installation
  • NO assembly required – I assemble and test all units
  • No expensive filter changes – filters last 4,000 gallons/ 3-4 years!!
  • It does NOT add anything to the water
  • It wastes NO water in the purification process

I say water purifier, not filter, because the efficacy of the unit far exceeds ANSI and NSF 53/42 standards and is world’s apart in terms of performance from what most of us think of as a pitcher or fridge  filter. This performance is confirmed by Independent State and EPA accredited laboratories. This same gravity-fed water purifier is used by military operations, government officials, and first responders all over the world (including the American Red Cross, UNICEF, Peace Corps) for making pure water in emergency and disaster conditions. It requires no installation and no electricity to purify up to 4 gal. of water per hour.

I have been using my 2 3/4 gal. capacity water purifier for 12 years now. (NOTE: I regret to inform you that as of 2023 the manufacturer, http://www.berkeywater.com, has increased the purchase requirements to be a dealer.  I will no longer be a source for these systems once my last 2 are sold.) It is astounding in its ability to remove nearly ALL impurities to undetectable levels, while leaving minerals and great taste in, and wasting ZERO H20 in the process. The cost is so low that I am able to use the water for so much more than drinking. I use it for cooking, coffee, washing vegetables, watering houseplants, brushing my teeth and rinsing tap water from washed glasses that I mean to re-use immediately. I can’t tell you what a noticeable difference pure water makes with houseplants. My plants “suffer” from growth rage.

(The BPA-free blue plastic Berkey Light gravity purifier, configured w/2 BB9 and 2 PF-2 filtration elements, and a nite lite)

Besides providing a large capacity healthy of mineral water at only a few pennies per gallon, the units purify relatively fast. Pennsylvania tap water purifies at about 2 gal/hour, but the real magic is how fast it dispenses – FASTER than 1 gal/min, which is FAST, just like a faucet! WATCH THIS VIDEO!

Because the flow from the spigot is so robust I can fill glass bottles and large sport bottles, coffee pots, cookware, watering cans, etc. quickly and conveniently. Most systems on the market dispense a thin, small stream of water and/or purify at very slow rates. The wait gets old quick if you try to fill large containers.

My unit is also available with optional upgrades. One of them is a 4W night light, which I find very cool and useful.    I also stock KDF shower filters, and a larger version of the gravity purifier, a 4 1/2 gal capacity for a restaurant or public establishment that purifies nearly 11 gal/hr.  Below are three of the many sizes available. Meas_2.75




Current production models w/optional base stands


Contact me if you want to know more.

Based on 40gal/mo usage. Multiply figures X 0.75 if 30gal/mo seems more realistic.

Here is an excerpt from the document “Filters_edit.pdf” that provides some specific information about the filtration elements…

We utilize advanced and powerful purifiers that we call our Black Gravity purifier elements. The Black Gravity purifiers used in all of our systems take water filtration to a new level. During testing conducted by independent, EPA-approved laboratories, the Black Gravity purifier removed a long list of water contaminants with never-before-seen results and significantly raised the standard for the water purifier industry. As a result, Black Gravity purifiers are some of the most efficient purifiers that are currently available on the market.

When drinking water that has been purified using a Gravity Black purifier, you can rest assured that your water is clean and safe for consumption. In fact, Black Gravity purifier elements are far more powerful compared to competitors’ water purifiers. We tested the purifiers with more than 10,000 times the concentration of harmful pathogens per liter of water than is required by industry-standard test protocols. This concentration of pathogens is so high that the water exiting the purifiers should be expected to contain a concentration of 100,000 or more pathogens per liter (99.99% reduction — the requirement in order to be classified for pathogenic removal). Incredibly, Gravity water purifier elements removed 100% of the pathogens. After using the Black Gravity purifiers, absolutely no pathogens were found in the effluent or were able to be detected. This set a new standard, allowing us to classify all systems containing the Black Gravity purifiers as purifiers. The revolutionary Gravity purifier elements are so powerful that they can remove food coloring from water without removing any of the beneficial minerals your body needs. The Black Gravity purifier element had extensive testing at state- and EPA-accredited laboratories
and far exceed EPA and ANSI/NSF (Std. 53) protocol. The Black Gravity purifiers have been tested by the University of Phoenix, Spectrum Labs, and the Department of Toxicology and Environmental Science at Louisiana University.
Each Gravity purifier element has a life of 3,000 gallons: That’s an incredible 6,000 gallons for a two-purifier system (less than 2 cents per gallon of water). This is possible because of the Black Gravity purifier elements’ unique ability to be cleaned up to 100 times using a 3M Scotch-Brite pad.

Gravity Purifier Filter Element Specifications:


TESTS by independent laboratories – THIS IS THE SCIENCE

Here you can read for yourself about the nature of the gravity purifier elements, some misconceptions about bottled water, and some of the exhaustive testing on the gravity purifier that proves just how effective this remarkable drinking water system really is! (NSF standards 53 and 42 documentation included)

Filters_EDIT             BlackGrav_ElementSpec                       Bottled-Water

TEST_ASIVirusTest        TEST_Chlor_Pharma_Pesticide         TEST_PFOA

Test_Gross-Alpha-Radio-Removal         TEST_Gross-Beta-Rad-Removal

TEST_Uranium-Radiological-Removal         NSF53_42_Chem_reduction


How does it compare to RO systems and distilled water?

Check out these comparisons of the Gravity Purifier to distilled water and reverse-osmosis filter systems:




Already Own One?

Please email me for custom support documentation I made just for you! I created a “Tips and Tricks” list and a “How-To” step-by-step for cleaning. I have over a decade’s experience with these systems. Assembling some models (for the first time) requires expertise, else the unit WILL NOT purify as designed. This is the inconvenient truth! That’s why I sell these systems assembled, flushed, cleaned, primed and ready to go. There’s a reason you should buy the gravity purifier from me – sadly some of them really DO need to be modified slightly after they come off the assembly line to work properly.



Various Kinds of Filtered and Purified Water





Our Planet’s Water Crisis…

that is pollution, drought, illegal and sneaky appropriation, long-term schemes and plans to ensure water-rights ownership is secured by powerful entities bent on insane profit…

has long been the subject of books, magazine articles, news, television, movies, internet blogs, you name it. The dire and unfortunately little-known secret that colossal powers are maneuvering to snatch up water rights all over the world has been subject matter for moves and television, everything from eye-opening shock-u-mentaries to box-office mainstays like James Bond to TV series such as Law and Order: SVU. Hopefully you can take a bit of knowledge away from these links. These things are important to know, because taking control of your health is the most important step to living a productive, creative, giving life. But don’t dwell too much on it. Read a little bit at a time. Then, GO MAKE SOMETHING or GO OUTSIDE AND DO SOMETHING!!! Ha!

Links to Our Global Water Crisis in Government, Science and Media:

















Is it SCIENCE? Or pseudo-science!

The link below talks about “structured water”, “Water Cluster Quackery” and dubious health claims and scams.



Alkaline Water

You will hear different school’s of thought on this. I choose to err on the side of science. This is just one link of MANY I have read by real Doctors who all agree that the body regulates it’s own pH very well and, especially if you eat a plant-based diet, you don’t need any help with your pH.


*Footnote on element life and yield:  The manufacturer claims these purification elements are good for 6,000 gallons of cleaning “relatively safe” city water.  (Of course, if you are using these units to purify dirty river water, or water from the streets in a disaster relief scenario, their life expectancy will be GREATLY reduced.)  Over the last few years, however, I have come across some dissenting views, those who claim the filtration elements do not work as effectively over this long a time.  Because the cost to replace them is cheap, I now err on the side of caution, and replace mine after more or less half the advertised yield… 3 or 4,000 gallons, or about 3-4 years.  I have a small family and probably do not use more than 1,000 gals/year.  Your use may vary.  For me, the idea of drinking harmful biological toxins and chemical poisons is abhorrent, so if changing out the elements sooner means they can more reliably meet their specifications, I’d rather go that way.