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Passaic River, NJ  –  Credit: R. Hemple

Hello and thanks for dropping in. I’m Michael, or Miko as my grandfather used to call me. Check back again soon, as I am in the process of adding a Blog and a “Music” section to this site, which will have songs and compositions, free guitar lessons and more.

I have always loved photography, and a personal webpage is a great way to share inspiring imagery, whether my own or someone else’s. You’ll find a lot of pictures here.


On my business card I put a few things that really sum up who I’ve become.  “Who’s looking out for you?” reflects my feelings of genuine concern and goodwill toward others. As we transition from childhood to adulthood and move away from parental supervision, it can be a wonderful thing to have people and resources in our lives from which to glean all manner of accumulated wisdom. Whether it’s a huge, life altering truth or just simple tips and tricks, the inspiration to pass on knowledge and experience never gets old for me. I am a born teacher.

I have zero tolerance for BS on my own time, hence the crossed out BS! I avoid insincere, dishonest and destructive people, organizations, and their operations as much as possible. I don’t lie or deceive to turn a profit, or for any reason really. I only want to learn, advance my skills and expand my horizons and my capacity to love.

Trust is earned. Self explanatory. Namaste* is for All.  (see footnote) That’s kind of cryptic, but what I mean by that is, be mindful of Gaia, your Earth Mother, and all your brother and sister creatures. The Earth and its life forms are not here for us to torture, squander, rape, pillage, plunder and destroy.  Namaste is for ALL.

Any big or small thing that grounds me, warms my heart and reminds me that life is spectacular (in all its forms) brings forth heartfelt gratitude. Thankfulness and mindfulness are healing, daily mantras for both Spiritual AND physical well-being.

Sunset in Florida, June 2019.  Photo credit: F. Speer
“Earthrise”, from Apollo 8. The very first time mankind got to see our home from space.

Please consider trying to:

  • Eat fewer animal products
  • Conserve water
  • Reuse, recycle and compost
  • Grow things
  • Avoid disposable options when possible
  • Practice humility and random acts of kindness
  • Meditate, listen, employ critical thinking – then follow with Action
  • Earn respect while you shun entitlement
  • Take only what you need; Give more than you think you can!
  • Feel gratitude constantly as opportunities present themselves throughout your day. Take a moment – take a picture – enjoy something beautiful.
Charlotte, NC  –  Credit:  Kimberly Nicole Burgess
Passaic River, NJ – Credit: R. Hemple



About Me

My passions, besides the obvious – family and friends – include Music and Songwriting,  Teaching, Science and Physics, Spirituality, Romance, Learning, Comedy and Silliness, Health and Wellness, Tree Climbing, Cuisine, Fashion, the Outdoors, Conservation and Sustainability, Writing, Reading, Cinema, Motorcycling, Photography, Graphics and Color, Clever Advertising… the list goes on.

Winter Solstice


*Namaste (na-ma-stay) is a respectful Hindu greeting. It means I bow to the God within you, or The Spirit in me salutes the Spirit in you – an acknowledgment that all are of the same One Divine Consciousness, the Great I Am, the Light.