Recipes in Pictures

Sometimes, instructional videos… let’s just say, I’m not always in the mood for the noise. I’m a reader. If you are a reader, you might like these cliff-note versions of healthy, plant-based recipes that I make all the time. People throw around the term ‘healthy’ pretty loosely when it comes to their food. I often … More Recipes in Pictures


Shortcuts for Your Veggie Lifestyle

Not everything has to be super-healthy, or super-complicated. Today I used two packets of Uncle Ben’s Spanish-style rice for the rice portion of this dish. Now I haven’t read those ingredients in awhile, but I’m sure there’s all manner of ‘less-than-perfect’ stuff in there, like palm and canola products perhaps, and preservatives… whatev!! Thing is, … More Shortcuts for Your Veggie Lifestyle

Freshly Ground Coffee

Perc’d COFFEE Recently I added a simple, inexpensive Cuisinart coffee bean grinder to my java routine, which now includes Pure Water,      Farberware percolator, Peet’s beansand either organic half-and-half or soy hazelnut or almond or coconut creamers. (Half-and-half is now the only dairy product I still use, and I only use it when I’m in … More Freshly Ground Coffee